Plugin is not working after recent update of WooCommerce

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  •  mrasharirfan #107


    Better 2checkout stopped working after I updated WooCommerce to its latest version i.e. 3.0.4.

    When I try to checkout with 2checkout, I get this error at checkout page:

    Can you please provide a quick fix for this error?

    Best Regards!

     collizo4sky #110

    What checkout style are you using?

    And what version of PHP is your server on?

     mrasharirfan #111

    I am using custom checkout style of my theme.

    And the version of PHP is 7.0

     collizo4sky #112

    I mean, is it the offsite or on-site checkout style you are using?

     mrasharirfan #113

    I am using on-site checkout style.

    Also, I have https on my website so that is not the issue.

     collizo4sky #114

    Could you switch to offsite gateway to see if it works?

    There seem to be a lot of suggestion as to why this is happening. See

     mrasharirfan #115

    Off-site gateway isn’t working either.

    Take a look at this screenshot:

     collizo4sky #116

    It seems you are testing things out cos i can see demo mode.

    Are you using a sandbox or live 2checkout API credentials?

     mrasharirfan #118

    Yes, I am testing things.

    And yes, I am using API credentials of a sandbox.

     collizo4sky #119

    Sandbox works albeit you have to add this code to your theme’s functions.php file or a site specific plugin.

    add_filter('woocommerce_2checkout_enable_sandbox', function () {
        return true;
     mrasharirfan #120

    I have already added this snippet in my theme’s functions.php file.

    Here, take a look:

    It is still not working.

     collizo4sky #121

    It should be working. Try regenerating your sandbox API credentials and ensure test mode is activated in the settings.

    Better yet, try with a live API credentials and test with a $1 order. And ensure you disable test mode and remove the code snippet you added to your them functions.php file.

     mrasharirfan #122

    I have also regenerated the API credentials. But the payment system is still not working.

    I am getting error code PE103. I checked the error code on the official help website, and I got these possible errors for this error code:

    Here is the link where I checked:

     collizo4sky #123

    One quick question, could you send me the url of the 2checkout page you get directed to via offsite checkout style?

     mrasharirfan #124
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