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  • Getting your WePay API Credentials

Before using our WePay plugins to accept credit card and bank payment, you need to create an application for your eCommerce store in WePay’s dashboard.

First, login in to your WePay account. If you don’t have an account, you can always register one.

If your store isn’t ready to take live transactions yet but you want to test to ensure all is/will be fine, get a WePay staging account.

Click the link to create a new application and then enter a name for the application (preferably tour website name), URL and description.

Create WePay Application
Create WePay Application

Once you have an account setup with an application, click on the created application name found beneath “API application” header to view your API keys.

View WePay Application
View WePay Application

The page that will be displayed will reveal your application’s API information.

WePay Application API Information
WePay API Information
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