OmniPay for EDD is our extension for Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) WordPress e-commerce solution that bundles over seven payment gateways together such as PayPal (Pro & Express Checkout), Stripe, Authorize.Net, 2Checkout, Braintree and WePay.

In this article, I will walk us through the steps in setting up 2Checkout so you can start processing credit card payment through them.

I assume you have OmniPay for EDD installed and activated in your Easy Digital Downloads powered store. If not, get it here.

Go to the plugin settings page by clicking the OmniPay for EDD WordPress dashboard menu.

OmniPay for EDD plugin menu

If 2Checkout settings isn’t present, drag it from the Available Gateways at the right and drop to the settings area.

2Checkout Payment Gateway Setup - OmniPay for EDD

Enter your API credentials which are your Account Number, Secret Word, Private Key and Publishable Key, then save. See this article to learn how to get them.

Select the checkout style which can be off-site or on-site payment.

Selecting Off-site Payment will cause buyers to be redirected to a secure page hosted on 2Checkout server thereby eliminating any PCI compliance and security worries.

2Checkout secure off-site payment page

Note: the Private Key and Publishable Key is only required if you are using the on-site checkout style.

While in On-site Payment, a credit card form will be shown directly on the checkout page where payment can be made.

EDD credit card form

Note: you must have SSL and be PCI compliant for this to effectively work.

By default, orders made via 2Checkout using this extension aren’t instantly completed after payment by buyers. Rather, they are completed after passing a fraud review process on 2Checkout.

However, you can disable this by checking Disable INS Verification.

Enabling Instant Notification Service (INS)

Unless you disable INS verification by checking Disable INS Verification, all order made on your store will be reviewed for fraud hence the importance of the following setup in your seller admin.

  1. Click the Notification icon at the top navigation menu.
    2Checkout notification menu icon
  2. Enable the Fraud Status Changed and Refund Issued options and set their URLs to

    2Checkout INS setup for EDD

  3. Don’t forget to click the Save Settings link otherwise your changes won’t be saved.
    Save 2Checkout INS setup

To start processing credit card payment via WePay after the above setup, you have to activate it. Click to learn how to activate payment gateways in Easy Digital Downloads.

With the gateway activated, your store / website will be ready to start processing payments.

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