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Our 2Checkout for Easy Digital Downloads payment gateway allows you to accept credit card and PayPal payment via 2Checkout.

In this guide, we’ll learn how to set up the plugin and start processing orders in an EDD powered store via 2Checkout in no time.

First off, buy this plugin then install & activate it.

Login to your 2Checkout account to get your API credentials.

Having gotten your API information, click the 2Checkout sub-section in EDD checkout settings page and fill the form with the API credentials.

2checkout for Easy Digital Downloads setup

Below are the description of each setting on the page.

  • Account Number – This is your 2Checkout account number. Learn how to get it.
  • Secret Word – This is your 2Checkout secret word. Learn how to get it.
  • Private Key – This is your 2Checkout private key. Learn how to get it
  • Publishable Key – This is your 2Checkout publishable key. Learn how to get it
  • Checkout Style – Can either be “On-site Checkout” or “Off-site Checkout”.

By default, orders made via 2Checkout using this extension aren’t instantly completed after payment by buyers. Rather, they are completed after passing a fraud review process on 2Checkout.

However, you can disable this by checking Disable INS Verification.

Enabling Instant Notification Service (INS)

Unless you disable INS verification by checking Disable INS Verification, all order made on your store will be reviewed for fraud hence the importance of the following setup in your seller admin.

  1. Click the Webhooks icon at the top navigation menu on 2Checkout.
  2. Enable the Fraud Status Changed and Refund Issued options and set their URLs to http://yoursite.com/index.php?edd-om-api=2co.

    2Checkout INS setup for EDD

  3. Don’t forget to click the Save Settings link otherwise your changes won’t be saved.
    Save 2Checkout INS setup
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