Our Paddle for Easy Digital Downloads gateway allows you to accept credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay and wire transfer payment from shoppers and users of your WordPress powered e-commerce store.

It support EDD Recurring extension so you can sell subscription as well as Software Licensing so you can sell license keys for your software and digital products.

In this guide, we’ll learn how to set up the plugin and start processing orders and subscription payments via 2Checkout in no time.

When activated, our paddle gateway completely disable Taxes and it settings in EDD.

First off, buy this plugin then install & activate it.

Go to Downloads > Settings > Payment Gateways.

Enable Paddle gateway.

EDD payment gateway settings

We advise you only activate Paddle gateway especially if you plan to use the “Buy Now” button. More on this later.

Click the Paddle sub-menu to go to the settings.

Activate your license key to reveal the settings.

EDD Paddle settings

Let’s go over each setting and their setup.

Firstly, connect to your Paddle account by clicking the “Connect your Paddle Account” button. This will open a new window asking you to authorize the plugin. Follow the on-screen instruction to complete the authorization.

Paddle connect

Having connected the gateway to Paddle, Enter your account public key. You will find it in your account settings under the “Public Key” tab.

Paddle pblic key

WebHook Setup

Webhook allows Paddle to communicate with your store, keeping transaction data in sync. Webhook must be set up properly otherwise payment and recurring billing won’t work.

Go to your account settings and open the “Alert” tab.

Paddle alert settings

Activate webhook for the following alerts.

    • Payment Success (Non-Subscription)
    • Payment Refunded (Non-Subscription)
    • Subscription Created
    • Subscription Changed/ Updated
    • Subscription Cancelled
    • Payment Success (Subscription)
    • Payment Failed (Subscription)
    • Subscription Payment Refunded
    • Order Processing Completed

It’s ok if you activate webhook for all alert. Above is the ones we actually use.

Down the page, save the webhook URL displayed in Paddle settings in EDD to the Webhook Alert URL field. The URL is similar to https://omnipay.io/index.php?edd-listener=owp-paddle

Other Settings

The Checkout Label describe the gateway on EDD checkout page. This is only useful if you have multiple payment gateway activated.

The Checkout Image URL field allows you to enter a URL for the image/ icon displayed on the Paddle checkout.

Paddle checkout overlay

The One-off Payments User Register setting allows buyers of non-recurring or one-time purchase products via Buy Now button to have user accounts created for them after payment.

With the above settings configured, you can start selling your digital products via EDD.

Buy Now Button

A traditional eCommerce flow is for a customer to shop through a site, adding items to a Cart.  Then the customer views the Cart and then proceeds to the checkout area.

A Buy Now button by-passes most of that process, taking the customer directly from button click to payment, greatly speeding up the process of getting the product.

If it is a subscription purchase, an account is created for the user after payment. And if the user is a returning customer, the new order is mapped/added to their account. Note: you don’t need EDD auto register plugin because we have account creation baked in.

Ensure you have only Paddle as the only payment gateway activated otherwise it won’t be available.

If you have Paddle activated as the only payment gateway, then Buy Now buttons will be available to you on product pages in the admin area. Go to Downloads → All Downloads and edit the Download that you’d like to have a Buy Now button. In the right column, you’ll find a meta box called Download Settings.  In that meta box is a drop-down offering the option of “Add To Cart” or “Buy Now”.  Choose Buy Now and save the product.

EDD Buy Now button setup

Once the product is configured for a Buy Now button, the button will appear where Add To Cart would have previously.

You may also manually place a Buy Now button with a shortcode.  At the bottom of Download Settings box, you’ll find a shortcode. You’ll need to change the text from “Add to Cart” to Buy Now (or anything else you’d like) and also add direct="true" to the shortcode like so [pur chase_link id=”3″ text=”Buy Now” style=”button” color=”blue” direct=”true”]

Paddle checkout for Easy Digital Downloads (EDD)

Note: Buy now does not support multi select variable subscription.

EDD Checkout Page Support

Not every store will want to use the Buy Now button. Our paddle gateway support “Add to Cart” feature so you users can add multiple products to cart and then goes to EDD checkout page to make payment.

If can eliminate the need for users to register or login before making a purchase with EDD auto register plugin. Note: auto register plugin is not required if you are using the “Buy Now” button.

After clicking the purchase button in the checkout, users will be redirected to Paddle website to complete the payment and then redirected back to your site after payment.

How Discounts / Coupon Works

Both EDD and Paddle can define discount codes (coupons). They have both different systems for discounts, so they have to be used depending on which flow of purchases you are using on your site.

Coupons defined in the Paddle dashboard, can be used by your users on the Paddle checkout.

Discount codes can be defined in Downloads » Discount codes in your wp-admin dashboard. Users will be able to use these discount codes on the EDD checkout page but not on the Paddle checkout.

It’s preferable you create discount codes in Paddle so that users can apply the discount on the Paddle checkout.

For buy now checkout, you can only apply paddle discount code on the paddle checkout popup.

Note that when using EDD checkout flow, the button to add coupon code in paddle checkout page is removed.

Recurring Payment Support

We support recurring billing or subscription billing if you have EDD Recurring payment installed and activated.

Here are few things to keep in mind:

  1. On EDD checkout page, discount code only work only for initial payment of subscription.
  2. On EDD checkout page, a subscription and one-time payment can’t be purchased together.
  3. Subscription payment only support USD, GBP and EUR currencies.
  4. Free trial can’t have signup fee.
  5. Does not support “billing times” (the option that let you choose how many times the sale should recur) https://cl.ly/d24438477f3d

Software Licensing Support

We support all features of EDD software licensing.

Worthy of Note

You can cancel a subscription from EDD and it will be cancelled in Paddle.

You don’t have to use EDD PDF/HTML invoice extensions. Customers will always see a link to their Paddle generated invoice in EDD subscription page (via [edd_subs cription] shortcode)

When you issue a refund in Paddle, the payment and attached subscription will be marked as refunded and cancelled respectively.

If you experience any issues with the plugin setup or functionality, contact our support.