OmniPay is a WordPress payment extension for Easy Digital Downloads and WooCommerce(coming soon) that bundles several payment gateways together with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface for the gateways set up and management.
Quick Setup The plugin is quick and easy to get up-and-running.
No tearing out of hair setting it up. It’s a promise.
You can't go wrong with a drag-and-drop-interface.
Multiple Payment Gateways Accept payments through a large number of payment processors such as Stripe, PayPal, Braintree, WePay, Authorize.Net, 2Checkout.
Save Money You get over seven(7) payment extensions for the price of one thus saving you 90% of cost.
Sweet. Isn't it?

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Plugin Demo

Want to buy OmniPay but not sure how it works? Click the links below to see its demo

- EDD Demo -
- WooCommerce Demo (coming soon) -

EDD Version

Ready to use OmniPay to accept payment for your Easy Digital Download powered eCommerce store?

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WooCommerce Version

Ready to use OmniPay to accept payment for your WooCommerce powered eCommerce store?

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We also offer individual payment gateways for WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads in case you have need for a single gateway.

  • Great Value for Money

    Great Value for Money

    Our computer software store offers PayPal, Braintree and 2Checkout methods of payment to buyers depending on their countries. Thanks to OmniPay for EDD, we got the gateways and even more at the cost of one.

  • Awesome Support

    Awesome Support

    When I first installed the plugin, I had a little problem setting it up with WePay and I was literally frustrated a bit. The developer was swift to fix my issue immediately I contacted him. Awesome support and a powerful tool to integrate a payment system into your store.

  • Great Product

    Great Product

    This is badass! It does everything the author says and works just the way I was expecting it to work.